PIC-VAC Dispenser

Top Feed - Auto-Leveling - Vertical Stack - Card Dispenser
NO Jams - Quite Simple - Super Reliable - Very Interesting

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4" X 6" . . . . . Post Cards
2.5" X 3.5" . . . . . Collectable Trading Cards
3.125 X 3.375 . . . . . Credit Card
Other Card Sizes & Thicknesses Availale

The Top Feed Pic-Vac has many advantages compared to bottom feeders.

The card should dispense at a convenient level. If this level of convenience is four feet
the bottom feed has from four feet up, no more than 12 to 18 inches because of room and
weight. The Pic-Vac dispenser has four feet down to stack cards, 3 to 4 times as many.

Pic-Vac takes the top card so friction, thickness or weight is not an issue. There is really
no limit to the depth of the pile and the number of cards available.

Simplicity is very important to reliability. Mechanical separation in sliding a card from
the bottom of a stack is complicated. The vacuum pickup is simple, reliable and use tested.

Cards Jam! Pushing a card from the bottom of a stack results is crimping because of friction
and weight. Jams create down time and loss of revenue. Picking one card off the top of a
stack is really simple and very reliable!

Patent Pending

Ideal for Valu-Cards

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